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Wood Destroying Organisms (Wood Rot and Termites)

The three principal types of termites in Florida are subterranean (nest in the soil), Dampwood (infest damp wood), and Drywood termites (infest dry wood). Subterranean termites  are the most destructive and frequently encountered kind of termite found throughout the state. Although they nest in soil, subterranean termites can attack structures by building tubes that connect their nest to wood in structures. Aerial nests can occur without a ground connection if all castes of the colony are present and moisture is available.

                    Subterranean Termite                 

Queen Formosan Termite

Subterranean Termite Swarmers

Drywood Termite Swarmers

Drywood Fecal Pellets (frass)

Dampwood Termites

Do you need a WDO inspection? Yes!

  •  Florida law, the Structural Pest Control Act, Chapter 482, Florida Statutes, requires that all pest control companies doing business in the State of Florida must be licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control, in Tallahassee.

  •  The law requires that the pest control activities of the company be in the charge of a Certified Operator who has taken and passed the prescribed state examinations. You should be able to discuss any treatment questions or problems with this qualified individual.

Not only must the termite inspector be licensed, but he must also use the proper form. The form is called Form 13645 and must be filled out by a properly licensed termite inspector.

It should be noted that Magnum Inspections Inc. does not perform, offer to perform or include the WDO inspection as part of the home inspection. It is the Clients responsibility to obtain their own WDO inspection.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA)


Martin County: (772) 214-9929 Broward/Palm Beach Counties: (954) 340-6615

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