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This page will lead you to just about everything you need to know about the electric system in your home. Please follow the links to the left. They are all labeled and will provide you with very useful information.

Just because something has "passed code" and been inspected, doesn't mean it is correct. The major concern  when dealing with electricity, is that someone could get injured or killed.

As in this case:Dryer Electrocution

Here is a brief history on electrical wiring.

Electrical Wiring History


As on occasion, certain issues come up requiring some type of backup documentation, below are the code references for certain deficiencies discovered at an inspection.

Permits required


 Here is an actual home owners experience with paint in the receptacles

         (Used with permission from Running Design)


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Martin County: (772) 214-9929 Broward/Palm Beach Counties: (954) 340-6615

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