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Chinese Drywall
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Chinese Drywall

What Is Chinese Drywall?
Not all drywall from China is bad, but because all known bad drywall comes from China, it is commonly known as Chinese drywall.  There are two known manufacturers of contaminated Chinese drywall: Knauf Plasterboard Tianjian and L&W Supply Corp.  Contaminants in the drywall include several sulfide and disulfide compounds, not just strontium sulfide or hydrogen sulfide as many places report.  These contaminants came from the raw materials used and/or the manufacturing process. 

Contaminated Chinese drywall off-gases these compounds into the air and is sensitive to heat, humidity, and the amount of defective drywall in the building. As few as three sheets of drywall can be enough to require remediation.  Results include a foul sulfur smell, black corrosion of copper and other metals, and nosebleeds and respiratory problems. If you see the markings in either of the drywall images to the right, you have Chinese drywall and likely need to replace it.

How Did This Happen?

During the housing boom parts of the country experienced a shortage of building materials.  As a result contractors were forced to source materials from alternative sources.  In 40 states, including Florida, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Washington, contractors were forced to source drywall from China.  The use of Chinese drywall was not for price or quality reasons, but purely caused by a lack of supply. 

How Big Is The Problem?
At this point, no one is sure.  An initial study places the Chinese drywall problem across 40 states.  In Florida alone, more than 326 million pounds of Chinese drywall were imported since 2006.  This problem is not like asbestos or mold and many people had home problems for a while but never realized it could be coming from the drywall. Contaminated Chinese drywall is most common in areas that experience building growth spurts, such as the post-Katrina Gulf area and Florida in the housing boom.  Chinese drywall is also widely found in large scale projects, including apartment complexes and townhomes.

What Are The Signs and Symptoms Of Chinese Drywall?
The result of Chinese drywall is corrosion of home wiring, including HVAC systems and electrical systems, foul odor in the home, and potential health effects.  As few as three sheets of Chinese drywall in a home is enough to require removal of all drywall from the home.

Signs you may have Chinese drywall in your home:

Tape used for drywall joints

Manufacturer logo

Here are some helpful links regarding the Chinese drywall:


Chinese Drywall Protocol



Non-evasive visual inspections can be performed at the time of inspection. If Chinese Drywall is discovered, the inspection will be halted and the Client will be asked if they would like the remainder of the home inspection performed. If the Client wishes to end the inspection, a fee of $225.00 will be charged and a report similar to the one below, will be issued.

Sample Chinese Drywall Report (No Chinese Drywall Found)

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