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About Your Inspector

Eric Van De Ven was born in 1960 in Broward County. After finishing schooling, elementary, junior high, high school, Eric began work  at "Chicken Unlimited", a fast food restaurant. Eric's duties consisted of customer relations, food preparation, and ordering of all food related products.

After a year at that job, Eric then went to work for Publix Supermarkets. During his time there, Eric worked in all phases of store operations. Eric rose quickly to the level of Dairy Manager, Frozen Foods Manager, and Produce Assistant manager.

While employed at Publix, Eric also also was working as a mechanic/manager at Hollywood Hills Gulf, now a Shell station. At some point in time, Eric's career at Publix ended and so it was a full time job at the gas station. Eric's duties there included all forms of mechanical work, customer relations and the overseeing of day to day operations of the service station. This included ordering of all supplies, food and fuel, management of employees as well as preparing daily profit/loss reports. All of these skills would later be utilized when Eric started Magnum Inspections Inc.

The service station was sold and new people were brought in. At this time, Eric was hired at A-Plus Automotive. A high performance shop specializing in high performance modifications specifically for 1/4 mile drag racing applications. Eric's duties included all forms of auto mechanical work, from the  mundane oil change to modifications on 9 second quarter-mile race cars.

After A-Plus was sold, Eric went to work for Fultz Masonry. Fultz masonry was a privately held company which specialized in all forms of masonry work. Simple stucco, pool refinishing, and commercial wall building. One of the final jobs performed by Eric was the complete refinishing of a high end, high-rise building in Miami, Via Regina. this included replacing all of the concrete flower beds, refinishing all three pools, as well as repairing all of the exterior stucco on the building.

Eric moved on to a job with Wintex corporation. This job entailed performing all types of construction related work. Eric received training in all forms of construction work. Masonry, Electrical, Plumbing, Framing, and Roofing. Again, Eric rose quickly to the top and was the assistant Forman for the company. The owner of Wintex Corporation moved to the west coast of Florida.

In 1989, Eric went to work for a home inspection company. After a year there, Eric was terminated. The reason for termination was a disagreement with the management as to what items should be inserted into an inspection report. This particular company, was a "Realtor Friendly" company and several Realtors complained that "The new inspector finds too much wrong". This would be a continuing theme.

Eric then went to work for Prevent Services, a pest control company. The job description entailed all forms of pest control. From ants to roaches and fleas to rats. This also included performing WDO (wood destroying organism) inspections. Eric also received extensive training  and work experience with treatment methods for both Drywood and Subterranean termites.

After three years with Prevent Services, it was time to move up. Eric went to work for another home inspection company, for approximately one year. This was part of a plan to re-enter the home inspection industry. The goal was to acquire as many contact as possible and then, start a home inspection company.

After one year of employment, Eric was terminated for "a difference of opinion regarding recommendations made in an inspection report". The final instance was when the owner of the company, decided to change a recommendation on an inspection report, for a replacement of a 30 year old tar and gravel roof, to, "repair the areas of leakage", in order to satisfy a "Preferred Realtor".

In June of 1994, Eric started Magnum Inspections Inc. After working for two "suspect" inspection companies, Eric had learned what not to do. The goal was and still is to perform the best inspection possible. The inspector should be independent of all outside influences. The inspector is there to inspect the home, nothing else matters!

To achieve this goal, Eric joined the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) as well as the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), and received continuing education in all aspects of home inspection. Eric also attended several seminars put on by National Home Inspection Organizations throughout the United States.

Magnum Inspections Inc. guarantees all of its Clients, the best possible inspection. If they are not happy with their inspection, their money will be refunded, no questions asked, and they will also be allowed to keep the inspection report. This has never happened in the 19 years Magnum Inspections Inc. has been in business.


Eric is happily married to Teala Libernini Van De Ven, RD, LD/N, Past President of Broward County Dietetic Association and current Director of Nutritional Services at HealthSouth, Stuart. Eric enjoys the company of several close friends as well as boating, scuba diving, fishing, golf, running 1/2 marathons and soon, in 2016 if all goes well, the Boston Marathon, and many other interests.


Favorite place: It is a toss up, our new home in Palm City or The Florida Keys!

The pictures below are from our wedding in Key Largo Florida.



Martin County: (772) 214-9929 Broward/Palm Beach Counties: (954) 340-6615

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